Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Back to Normal

Last weekend, I took the kids up north on a long weekend to visit the various branches of my family. As is usual with any traveling, I was off my normal routine for several days. I managed to fit one workout in, but that was followed by 3 non-exercise days (and plenty of car time). My eating was way different than usual too...I'm always very well-fed when visiting family. Delicious homemade meals and bigger portions for a few days and I was definitely ready to load up on fruits and veggies and my trusty Shakeology (I also made my special Shakeology brownies to help tame my sweet tooth...yum!) after we got home on Tuesday. My workouts started back with double PiYo day on Wednesday followed by a double dose of Turbos yesterday. Another Turbo this afternoon and again tomorrow morning and I am feeling back on track (need to find some time for lifting!). I fell behind on the Instagram Mad About Yoga challenge, so getting all those poses photographed felt like its own workout too. I even got caught up on cleaning and laundry today! Now if I could just get some extra sleep...

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