Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mad About Yoga

While I've had an Instagram account for some time, I've been more active with posting photos and exploring photos in the past couple of months. I've really enjoyed looking at fitness and motivational photos and have found many beautiful shots of people practicing yoga. If you're not familiar with Instagram, part of the social aspect behind it is the photo challenges that people come up with. This month, I'm participating in a challenge called Mad About Yoga (#madaboutyoga to tag your photos). Hosted by 3 talented yoginis who rotate posting the challenge pose for each day, the challenge serves to expose users to new poses and enjoy practicing virtually together. This challenge has been perfect for me as gaining more yoga experience is one of my current goals. Some of the poses have surprised me - some for how easy they were for me, and some for how hard. It's funny how sometimes the simple looking poses can be the most challenging.

Follow me on Instagram to see the pose for each day: @cococrawford

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