Monday, April 15, 2013

A Fit Weekend

Weekends are a big fitness downfall for many people. We make great efforts to eat well and exercise during the week, but often bets are off come Friday evening. Well, not for me! Especially not this past weekend. I started off with a fun Turbo Kick class (including 3 kids!) Friday afternoon followed with a mostly healthy dinner of a big salad and a slice of cheese pizza. Saturday morning brought another Turbo class and I decided to stay for CXworx. What a challenging core workout, and only 30 minutes! I made another big salad topped with avocado and fresh mozzarella when I got home. The kids and I played outside all afternoon and I attempted to practice some yoga, but the kids were very demanding of my attention! Dinner was a small cheeseburger (grilled on the good old George Foreman Grill) and steamed veggies. Sunday was a beautiful day and involved more outside time with the kids. I managed to practice a little yoga and take photos for the Instagram challenge I'm doing this month. We had some yummy chocolate avocado banana bread that I made for a snack (will share the recipe in another post). I made roasted veggies, organic sweet potato puffs, and chicken sausage for dinner. My big treat for the weekend was a bowl of chocolate ice cream Sunday night...everything in moderation, right? It feels good to start a new week but not have to start over on my health and fitness goals. How did you do???

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