Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo Food Journal - Turbo x2 Day

I decided yesterday that I would take a picture of everything I ate to make a little food journal of what one day of eating looks like for me. This Thursday was my week to teach 2 Turbo Kick classes, making nutrition extra important this day so I wouldn't crash halfway though class.

Chocolate Shakeology Overnight Oats
I started off the day with a VERY filling serving of these chocolate Shakeology overnight oats and a handful of blueberries (not pictured). This breakfast left me with plenty of energy for my morning Turbo class and I didn't feel as hungry right after class as I usually do when I eat a less satisfying morning meal.

Even though the oats stuck with me, I still needed a snack after class to keep me going until lunch. The kids decided they wanted to go to the library after the gym, so luckily I had a Larabar stashed in the car. I forgot to take a picture when I ate my bar, but this is the flavor I good! I love the simplicity of Larabars...this particular flavor has: dates, peanuts, and sea salt. That's it!

Beans, corn, avocado, cheese
I was definitely hungry by lunch time, so I made one of my (and the kids) favorite quick lunches. Black beans and corn with avocado and cheese. I scooped mine with a handful of organic yellow corn chips (not pictured). Ingredients for the chips: organic yellow corn, organic expeller-pressed oil, and salt. Yay for simple ingredients lists! I also had a few peach slices that the kids didn't eat :)

Iced coffee
It was a pretty warm afternoon and I was hanging outside with the kids, so I decided to make myself an iced coffee. I make mine with fresh brewed coffee from my Kuerig, a couple tablespoons of half and half, and about a teaspoon of coconut sugar. It was a nice afternoon treat!
A couple hours before my second Turbo class of the day, I fueled up with a second serving of Shakeology. This time, I blended vanilla Shakeology with ice and coconut milk. It tasted like vanilla bean ice cream! I don't normally have 2 Shakeology's in a day, when when I have 2 classes, it helps me have the energy I need to deliver a high intensity class with lots of power and holds me over until I can eat dinner after the second class.
Dinner salad

I finally ate dinner after a quick trip to the grocery store on the way home from the gym. I had prepared a salad earlier as well as pasta with Italian seasoned diced tomatoes and olive oil. I topped my pasta with some shredded mozzarella/provolone. It really hit the spot after a long day!

Pasta w/ tomatoes & olive oil
So that was my day of eating for Thursday. Don't ask me what the calorie count was, because I don't know! I focus on eating as many whole, unprocessed foods as possible. My water bottle or cup stays filled throughout the day so I stay hydrated and am less likely to mistake thirst for hunger. If I feel hungry, I eat something...doing my best to make nutritious choices that make me feel good!

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