Friday, September 6, 2013

Workout of the Day

Today I didn't have any classes to teach or a set workout planned. Having taught a combo of  INSANITY and PiYo the night before, I didn't feel like I needed a really long or intense workout, but I wanted to do something. I trained a client in the morning and thought I'd do a quick workout with some of the exercises I chose for her, using a medicine ball for resistance.

I was already warm from demonstrating exercises for my client and climbing up the stairs in the gym a few times. I chose 3 exercises that combined, worked all my major muscles. Not resting between exercises and doing multiple sets got my heart rate up and my muscles were feeling it by the end! Try it out and enjoy!

Walking Lunges with Rotation
Hold medicine ball in front of chest with arms extended. Step forward with the right foot and bend the knee to 90 degrees, keeping knee over ankle. Keeping arms extended, twist to the right, rotating through the waist. Come back to center and step forward with the left foot, come into a lunge and repeat.

Sumo Squat with Side Bend
Stand with feet together, holding medicine ball overhead. Step out wide to the right and sit into a low squat, keeping chest tall and tailbone tucked. Crunch obliques on the right, bringing elbow toward the thigh. Step together and repeat on the left.

Rear Extension with Overhead Lift
Stand with feet together, tall posture, holding medicine ball in front of the thighs. Shift weight onto the right foot. At the same time, lift the left leg with knee extended and lift medicine ball overhead. Lower leg and medicine ball together then repeat. Complete all repetitions on the right side and then repeat on the left.

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