Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Workout

After a couple days off workouts due to a bad cold, today was the day to get back to it. Core Speed from T25 was my workout of choice. Actually, once I finished Core Speed, I decided to double up and popped Rip't Circuit in the DVD player.

I really like these workouts because they're short - only 25 minutes each - and they're intense. You feel as if you've done a longer workout when you're finished. And if you have days like I did today where you've missed a couple workouts and you want to come back with a bang, doing 2 still only takes 50 minutes! Because of the high intensity of T25, doing 2 workouts in a day isn't a frequent thing...only once per week to avoid overtraining. 

Here are a couple of clips from both videos. The first section is the last push in Core Speed, featuring every exercise from the whole workout combined and each exercise is only performed a couple times in this section. Then, a few exercises from Rip't Circuit are shown. It's been a few weeks since I've done these workouts, so I'm probably going to be sore tomorrow!

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