My Fitness Story

Exploring yoga...I love inversions!
I grew up surrounded by reasonably healthy foods (we had to get things like snack cakes at friends' houses!) and was always pretty active, though never really "exercised". My sweet tooth definitely began developing at an early age. When I went away to college and was left to my own devices, my eating habits were terrible.  My freshman dorm cafeteria was equipped with a soft-serve ice cream machine along with candy and cookie bits and a shake blender. Heaven to a self-proclaimed ice cream addict! Looking back at pictures I can see that while I wasn't especially heavy, there was certainly a little extra padding in some areas. Throughout college, I dabbled in exercise with Tae-Bo videos, a little running (I hate it!), and lots of walking around campus. Upon graduation and securing my first full-time job, I slowly became more interested in getting/staying fit. I made use of the gym in the basement of my office building, but I didn't really have any rhyme or reason to what types of exercise I would perform. I also started to become more aware of my nutrition, though had a lot of learning to do.

When I headed to graduate school 2.5 years later, I had a little more experience with exercise having completed Debbie Seibers' Slilm Series videos (yes, they were actual VHS videos). The videos had come with some nutrition guidance which I made some effort to incorporate into my lifestyle. I still hadn't found the work out that got me really excited though. I started taking group fitness classes at the campus rec center. My favorites were mat Pilates and a class listed as Turbo Kickboxing. Soon after, I heard about this new home workout DVD series, Turbo Jam. It looked fun, so I ordered and quickly realized it was the same workout I was doing in my group classes. That was when becoming certified to teach Turbo Kick, and conveniently, a certification came to my town and I went for it! 

It took me a couple of months after my certification to get started teaching, but once I stated, I was hooked! I loved Turbo Kick, and I loved teaching! Its the perfect marriage between 2 of my favorite things: fitness and performing (former theater nerd here)! My passion for fitness and sharing fitness with others grew and I continued trying new workout DVDs (Hip Hop Abs, Rockin' Body, Chalean Extreme, Insanity), got certified to teach PiYo, and completed the NSCA Personal Fitness Trainer certification. Along the way, I joined Team Beachbody as a Coach so I could share these great resources with others.

The day before my daughter was born
During the same time as I was exploring the expansive world of physical fitness, I started educating myself about nutrition. I took several nutrition courses at the local community college and continuously search for the most up to date nutrition news and research. Nutrition can be such an overwhelming field as there are always new breakthroughs in research and what was considered a healthful diet 10 years ago is no longer optimal. Finding credible, unbiased resources to help sort through all the available information is quite a task, but worth it for the benefits of consuming a truly nutritious diet. 

Shakeology has also played a role in my improving nutrition. It became available while I was pregnant with my son and I started drinking a shake a day and found that my energy and general sense of well-being was improved. As a new mom getting little sleep, gaining any extra energy feels like a miracle! I found that I rarely got sick after I started Shakeology. It quickly became something that I look forward to every day.

2 weeks post-partum
I have since been through a second pregnancy, during which I drank Shakeology and continued with exercise throughout. These played an important role in gaining a reasonable amount of weight during pregnancy and in bouncing back after.

I strive to live my healthiest life so that I not only look good, but feel good and am able to enjoy this life! Of course, I struggle just like anyone else from time to time. But I know and have felt the benefits of treating my body to physical activity and nutritious food and want to share how great it feel with others!


  1. You have such an interesting fitness story. Your passion for fitness has molded the person you are now. It’s good to know that you don't just explore the fitness world, but also the nutritional side. This is an important facet of getting fit. Just continue what you are doing, especially on teaching fitness classes. Share your knowledge to people who love to get fit as well. @CrossFit

    1. Thanks for your comment! Always looking for opportunities to learn and share with others :)