Why Coaching?

On of the big things emphasized when you sign up to be a Beachbody Coach is "what is your WHY?". And by that, they mean, why do you want to be a coach? To make an income? For the coach discount? Because you love Shakeology and the Beachbody fitness programs? All of these are perfectly fine, valid answers and do play a role in why I decided to do this. However, the WHY that drives me is much bigger. I genuinely want to help people live better, fuller lives by helping them become healthier versions of themselves. By healthier, I don't just mean losing weight, it encompasses a whole lifestyle, including (but not limited to) physical activity and consuming nutritious foods. While I have the pleasure of working with and meeting people through my job as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, being a Coach allows for a much larger reach and greater impact. I want to show people how great it feels to enjoy good health and that making healthy choices isn't a burden or boring. By choosing to be active and eating a well balanced diet, you're able to get so much more out of life because you're not sidelined with illness and lack of energy. It's about changing the mindset to a positive outlook and seeing how great you can become.

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